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In late July of 2018, a group of 28 men, women, youth and children from our Schoharie Region headed to Red Bird Mission to participate in their Work Camp Program for one week.  This group represented 10 different churches and was the first mission trip for 99% of the team!   The trip was funded by the entire region of churches.  Enjoy looking at pictures from our trip and reading reflections from some of our team-members!

Our trip

This was the first mission trip the Schoharie Region of churches had ever co-sponsored.  Twenty-eight folks from 10 different churches across the region went to Beverly, Kentucky for a week-long mission trip with the Red Bird Work Camp Program, July 29- August 4.

Through the Work Camp Program at Red Bird, the group replaced the roof of one house, replaced the kitchen and an outdoor stairway at another house, painted the ball court backstop at the work camp headquarters, and unloaded a trailer of donations at the mission thrift store.  We had four different groups working at one time!


Red Bird

Red Bird Mission, Inc. and Red Bird Clinic, Inc. have been providing ministries in this region of the Appalachian Mountains since 1921. Today the need remains critical in this isolated, rural distressed area. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. Red Bird Mission and Clinic strives to meet these needs through ministry in five areas: Education, Health and Wellness, Community Outreach, Economic Opportunity, and Community Housing Improvement. Red Bird Mission is located in and associated with the Red Bird Missionary Conference, one of three missionary conferences in the United Methodist Church.

Our team

Back row: Garrett and June Cole (Warnerville), Bill Sossei (Warnerville), Roger Rippens (Middleburgh), Deb Smith (Grosv. Corners), Linda Gridley (Grosv. Corners), Deanna Dunham (Cobleskill), Chris Elder (Cobleskill), Zackary Smith (Cobleskill

Middle row: Donovan Burling (Warnerville), Suzanne Schuler (Sharon Springs), Paige Bulmer (Cobleskill), Dorothy Underwood (Gallupville), Camilla Hannmann (Huntersland), Samuel Lasher (Cobleskill), Ray Howland (Morris)

Front row: PJ and Pat Bulmer (Cobleskill), Anna Blinn Cole (clergy), Jan Lacey-Markle (clergy), Kay Bonney (Delanson), Linda Van Schaick (Sharon Springs), Aleah Hannmann (Huntersland), Maryellen Moore (clergy), Katie Hannmann (Huntersland), Grace Dunham (Cobleskill), Brae Dunham (Cobleskill), Russ Underwood (Gallupville)

Meeting the members of the Schoharie team and getting to know them has been a wonderful experience

While traveling through the mountains on the trip down many friendships were made and you could see the Holy Spirit was drowning us!

The moment I arrived at Red Bird Mission an overwhelming sense of God's presence and purpose in my life was right before me! Service to others as the hands and feet of Christ! Excitement, motivation, thankfulness and joy were some of the emotions I felt throughout the week!

Everyday we shared a passion, a purpose and also God's hands to make everyone's life better.  Not only for the people where we worked for but each other.  The people of Red Bird so enriched our spirits- their smiles and light in their eyes. To have them say to us just before we left may God bless you and thank you is more pay than anybody deserves

I really enjoyed being a part of this team.  It was great working with the group that I did.  We worked well together, and were able to complete our project.  I had a great feeling of satisfaction doing this mission trip.

It was good to have 28 people be willing to share with the others at a moment’s notice and work together so easily.  Everyone was really trying to do God’s work.  An experience I am glad to have had an opportunity to participate in.  Made lots of new friends and acquaintances.

One thing that I liked was the stuff that I learned and I saw God doing His work on the last day by finishing our jobs that were presented to us.


Our trip was a wonderful trip.  It was so nice to grow with each other, getting to know each other and work side by side.  We all worked together so well, it was a learning experience for young and old.  I felt it was a true blessing for us to help those who are less fortunate, and for us to see how others live and how fortunate we are.

I experienced God when on Friday we had more than one day of work left and we all worked together. It didn’t rain, and you could see how every person’s skills had improved and we got the job done with God’s help.



Follow the team as they go through the week.  Four different projects were going on simultaneously.  Wednesday was a day off and Thursday night was our talent show!

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