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One of the things that brings our churches together more than anything else is our strong mission heart.  By combining our energy and resources, we can do tremendous good in the world through the Holy Spirit.  See some of our present and past mission projects below.

Red Bird Mission Trip 2018 


Browse through photos of our Summer 2017 Red Bird Craft Show.

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In the meantine.....


We are in the midst of our 2017 shoe box project.  Below is all the information your church will need to be involved in the project, including the shopping lists.



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We have designed a plan to help United Methodist Churches in our region have a positive impact in our own communities by supplying Personal Care Items and Household Cleaning Products and Cash to our local food pantries.  These are items which are not able to be purchased with a food benefit card and are not customarily stocked by food pantries due to the need for food products.

Two ways your church can help:


1) Each church is requested to find a clever and fun way of collecting change on a regular basis.  For example, collecting change in a standard water bottle will yield about $50, a 2 liter soda bottle yields about $500, who knows how much a gallon milk jug holds, a tin can for collection will make a lot of noise.  You get the idea.  Cash will be collected and held in church treasuries. Then cash will be collected by the Region and distributed to food pantries so they can make their own purchases as they see best.


2) Then, in a manner similar to that used to collect food supplies, a list of the 8 most requested Personal Care Items and the 5 most requested Household Cleaning products has been developed, together with the recommended and maximum sizes.  Congregation members are asked to ‘shop’ and then bring items of their choice to church once or twice a month, similar to the food collection.  These products will be collected and distributed to local food pantries.

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United Methodists are joining forces across our region to provide transportation to those in our community, especially older adults, who can no longer drive.  DriveUMC is a collaboration between our Schoharie Region UMCs and the Schoharie County Office for the Aging providing non-medical transportation to those in need.  Non-medical transportation means rides for folks who cannot drive to places like grocery shopping, traveling to see a friend, attending church services, keeping a hair or barber appointment, visiting a relative in the hospital or nursing home, etc.  Many, many people have no way to accomplish these activities.  The need is great.  Our UMCs are stepping up to the plate to begin to provide this service. To volunteer or learn more, open the informational packet below by clicking the link.    

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