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Applications are now open for Operation: Home Repair 2024. 

July 8-19, 2024 




Reflecting on our first year of O:HR

Our full home-town mission week has wrapped up for 2023.   In total, 9 projects were completed this year consisting of repair work on homes in and around Schoharie County.  We engaged over 80 volunteers ranging from skilled carpenters to youth and children willing to learn.  Our projects included a total roof replacement, painting the interior and exterior of houses and decks, patching leaky roofs, trimming trees, clearing brush, insulating drafty basements, rebuilding unsafe stairways, adding handrails to stairs, fixing unsafe and uneven floor boards, replacing broken gutters, and fixing rotten trim.  

You can see our photo album of the week below and check out the video made by our youth photojournalism team.

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