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Here in the Schoharie Mosaic, we love Jesus and we strive to learn more about him so that we can be better followers.  We think our partnership together better equips us to grow in our discipleship and encourage the making of more disciples.  In short, we strengthen our churches together from the inside out.  We have a revolving slate of classes, workshops and programs to help ourselves grow.  Find classes and programs that are offered right now and ones we have offered in the past.

Lay Servant Classes

As part of a training program to empower our laity and provide an intentional plan for discipleship, Lay Servant classes are regularly offered for any and all of our church leaders, members, and friends. These classes explore servant leadership, our Wesleyan understanding of grace and holy living, and the roles lay people have played in the Methodist tradition, and will help us identify and use our spiritual gifts, and hear and respond to God’s call.


stay tuned for future offerings!


stay tuned for future offerings! 

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The Book of Ruth

A Bible Study 

Last offered in the fall of 2018

Have you ever wondered where God was in your life? Perhaps if God was present at all? In the midst of tragedy, loneliness, pain and the plain old ordinary mess of life, these questions often catch us unassuming. They are, in part, questions that make us human. These are the questions we ask to make sense of the bad things that happen as we try to find purpose and direction in our lives.

This is why we need the Book of Ruth. In a very earthy and relatable way, the Book of Ruth tells the story of two women, Ruth and Naomi, as they face some of life’s biggest challenges—deaths of loved ones, hunger, poverty, outsider status, and risky vulnerability. Yet in the midst of these literal and metaphorical times of famine, Ruth and Naomi regroup and make for themselves new futures that seek to reconcile a season of great tragedy with a season of great promise.

In a book of just 85 verses that reads more like a parable than a historical account, the Book of Ruth only once includes direct action by God and yet to the age-old question, “where is God?,” the Book of Ruth has an astounding answer: God is everywhere! By bringing its readers through a captivating and timeless story, the Book of Ruth lends itself to imaginative interpretation and deep searching for the divine initiative in an ordinary, relatable series of events. The book invites its readers to read between the lines for divine action and ultimately conveys the message that God’s providence is inseparable from human agency.  In other words, have hope! You may not always see it, but God is the glue that holds your life together.

In this six-week study we will unpack the ways the Book of Ruth presents God as that glue in the lives of Ruth and Naomi by illustrating God’s divine providence in four areas: relationship, returning home, risk-taking, and redemption. 

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Ongoing Bible Studies

The Community Bible Study Group

Tuesdays, 9:00 - 10:30 am

Cobleskill UMC, Golding Lounge

This group studies and discusses the standard lectionary readings from the previous Sunday. We currently have four denominations represented in the group. We also read from several versions of the Bible. This provides a good exchange of different viewpoints and backgrounds. This group is open to men and women of all ages.


Ecumenical Bible Study

Thursdays, 10:30am-12:00pm

Richmondville UMC & St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Richmondville (alternating)

This study has been going on continuously since 1973!  This study is taking a summer break and will resume in late September!


Ladies of Faith Bible Study

Mondays. 9:00am – 10:30am

Gallupville UMC

This study usually explores one book of the Bible at a time, working through verse by verse at a conversational pace.


 Young Adults / Young Families Small Group

Sunday evenings, location changes (Schoharie area)

Contact Evan Motschmann for current location: 518-231-3869

This small group of young adults and young parents often do small group studies like “A Disciple’s Path” or other Bible studies, and often get together just to talk about life as a young adult or young parent!



Youth from across the Schoharie Region meet every other Friday night for Finally Friday gatherings that include a meal, games, fellowship and a program.  Finally Friday gatherings happen at Cobleskill UMC on the 1st and 3rd Fridays.

Sunday School

In February of 2017 a group of twenty folks interested in children’s ministry from across our region came out to hear presentations from veteran Sunday School teachers, browse a selection of curriculum from the Resource Center, and strategize for starting and maintaining vital programs of their own.  Here were some of the biggest “take-aways”:

  • Good advertising is very important: get the word out! Even a simple yard sign in front of the church can do wonders. Direct mail postcards are great, too.  A personal invitation to children and parents you know is the best.

  • If you don’t have many children at your church, think about throwing a fun party for your neighborhood to launch your new ministry. 

  • Start including a Children’s Message/Sermon each week at your church, even if you don’t always have children.  If you are a church that wants to grow its children’s ministry, plan like you expect them to come.

  • The Upper New York Conference Resource Center is an incredible resource for curriculum.  Learn more here:

  • Find a supportive community of other teachers or a mentor to help problem-solve and encourage.  Our region now has an email list of all the leaders of on-going programs so that we can share materials, trouble-shoot and plan better. 

Please join in celebrating and praying for two new Sunday School programs that have started since this workshop at Middleburgh and Warnerville UMCs!  

Church Suppers

"Church Suppers and other Meal

Fundraisers," March 18, 2017  at Warnerville UMC 

Many thanks to all who came out to our first regional church supper workshop on March 18 at Warnerville UMC.  We had an open discussion on challenges we all face in fundraising in our churches and share past successes.  Pastor Anna passed along information about food safety from our county health department and we strategized about making our fundraisers meals safe and inviting, in addition to profitable.  Anna Buell offered an abbreviated church supper workshop at District Day that was also well attended.  

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